Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Prisoner Dilemma

June 6, 2009 - "The prisoner dilemma" By Joseph Parish. Imagine if you will that the balloon has finally gone up and people are quickly scurrying around aimlessly with no major plan what so ever. The highways are rapidly being overloaded with potential travelers looking to relocate somewhere for a temporary stay until the dust clears and they feel it is safe to return to their homes. Police are rarely seen and public services are no where to be found. As one witnesses these events unfold we would have to wonder if anything could possibly get worse. I hate to do so but I am the bearer of bad tidings at this point and would like to bring you the worse case scenario. Click here


  1. Nice blog Joe, I can only say that the sheeple are in for a world of hurt when that day comes.The real surprise is going to be for the people that buy a gun & a couple of boxes of ammo & think they are ready.It takes a lot of trigger time to become proficient with guns & for many it is probably too late.Good luck & once again nice blog ,I will be following it.

    Prep on bro.............Rhino

  2. Thank you for the kind words. It always gives a good feeling when you can think that you can make a change.