Friday, September 18, 2009

Dilemma of Pelosi and the Perils of her Warning

September 18, 2009 - "Dilemma of Pelosi and the Perils of her Warning" By Joseph Parish. I was somewhat stunned when I recently listened to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's latest commentary involving American’s abilities to observe their constitutional liberties of free speech. I couldn’t believe my ears when I took note of how she compared the protests of the irritated patriots with the violent anti-gay rallies that San Francisco experienced in the late 70s. She naturally was referring to the assassination of several local San Francisco politicians. Click here

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  1. It seems Pelosi is doing all that she can do to compel the American people to riot.

    I wonder if it is part of this administration’s plan to continue to harass abuse, neglect and ignore the constitutional rights of the American people so Americans finally do react. And then when the American people have had enough abuse and react Obama with the help of his domestic army
    (Amerocorp), Union thugs, La Raza and Acorn and other criminal elites will suppress the American people. Part of this suppression may include Americans being put into FEMA concentration camps.

    Pelosi should take her own advice and be responsible for all the terrible and
    disrespectful things she has said about any American that opposes the Fascist agenda she and her hijacked party and president are trying to install.